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Cheese is Our Culture

posted on

December 21, 2023


We’ve spent this year sharing with you about our farms and our farming practices.

We have spotlighted our 100% Grass Fed Beef, our Pastured Pigs, Chickens, and Turkeys.

We have toured our Pastures and brought you with us through our Haylage-Making process where we grow our grasses, herbs, and clovers to feed and raise our clean and healthy animals.

We shared with you the rich health benefits of our Organ Meats.

We've answered many questions about our protocols and processes and created our FAQ page to capture these Q&A's for others to read. 

We cut the ribbons on two new farm stores in 2023.

We will finish out the year, highlighting our star player, our heavy-weight champion, our team anchor, and very popular product...

It’s 100% Organic!!! 

It’s 100% RAW!!!

It’s 100% Grass Fed!!!

Please give a round of applause for our Paradise, PA superhero …  

!!! Alpine Heritage Cheeses !!!!


The making of cheese began centuries ago. Like so many things surrounding the real foods we have come to enjoy, like curing bacon and ham for example, making cheese began from a need to preserve fresh milk in a form that could be kept without refrigeration and eaten later.

As time went by, cheese makers learned ways to vary the tastes of finished cheeses. Certain regions of the world have become known for certain types of cheese, like Gouda from Holland, Gruyere from Switzerland, Emmental from the Emmental region, to name a few.

The cheese makers of Simply Grassfed are artists working in the European tradition, harkening back to their forefathers and mothers in the old country.

100% RAW

All of our cheeses are made with raw organic milk. Pasteurized (even just heated above 104 degrees) dairy kills the beneficial microbes and enzymes that our intestines need to digest and assimilate the macro-nutrients that keep us healthy and strong.

Raw milk cheeses maintain the good characteristics of milk as it comes from the cow. These include myriads of the naturally present microbes in raw milk which aid in human digestion.

And, Raw milk cheeses tend to have more personality, a more robust flavor, when compared to cheeses made with pasteurized milk.


Our Jerseys ONLY EVER EAT GRASS. NO Corn, NO Soy, NO Grains from genetically modified Round-Up Ready crops. NO Styrofoam. NO Baker’s waste. We think, as much as you, that this is important to our animal’s health as well as our children’s.


Our Simply Grassfed cheeses are made with milk from A2/A2 Jersey cows. That means that it contains 100% A2 beta-casein protein, which is more digestible and has other health benefits like - less likely to cause inflammation, stomach discomfort, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Some people who are intolerant to dairy or lactose CAN and DO handle A2/A2 RAW cheeses with no symptoms.


We start with the best A2 organic milk from their high milk-fat producing 100% grass-fed Jersey breed of cows. Then, we add ingredients we are familiar with that work the magic to make the great tasting cheeses you love.Then, we place it in the proper places to age it to perfection. So, that like all the other foods from Simply Grassfed, taste and nutrition jostle for first place.

This wraps up our year!

Now you know all about us and all of our grass fed products.
We are sincerely grateful to have been able to support you, your family, and the Simply Grassfed community of health conscious humans to stay vibrant and in optimal health in 2023.

Your support in purchasing and consuming of grass fed foods fuels our passion for the farming we do everyday, 365 days of the year, through rain, sleet, snow, wind, and sun.

Thank you for your feedback, your criticisms, your appreciations, and most importantly, trusting us with the health and nourishment of your family. 

In 2024, We look forward to providing you with all our current delicious and nutritious foods. And, stay tuned for some new offerings which we are very excited to share.

God Bless YA'll this holiday season with good tidings of peace, joy, warmth, and love.

Please note: We will be shipping out orders on Tuesday after Christmas and after New Years, so you will receive your orders these weeks a day later than usual as we typically ship out on Mondays.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from our Simply Grassfed family to yours!


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