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Liver is the Giver

posted on

May 25, 2023

Yes, I am sad to say that we are SOLD OUT of our wonderful beef liver.


We processed 15 beef since February and ya’ll have been eating it up like nobody’s business.

It is no wonder with the endless list of nutritional benefits of liver, that we would be in this predicament.

Liver has been considered a special or sacred food for many traditional cultures for thousands of years. Because of its value, when an animal was slaughtered, the liver was rationed out to the pregnant women, the newborn children and the elderly. The warriors and hunters ate the tough muscle meat and the women ate the more tender cuts.

What did our ancestors know?

They knew that the liver contained all the essential vitamins and minerals along with the amino acids and fatty acids necessary for us to build healthy blood and endocrine systems. If we wanted to have optimal health, we would eat liver. And, for a pregnant mom who is building blood and organs for her baby and the elderly who are degenerating need all the support to rebuild new cells they can get.

What do wild animals know?

Often times when a wild predator would kill to eat, they would eat the organs FIRST and then if it was safe and they had time, they would continue to eat the rest of the animal. They know that the organs are the source of life.

How are we impacted from NOT eating liver?

Women suffer from anemia, low iron, and low energy. This translates to an exhausting and painful menstruation, pregnancy, and potentially comprising birth experience. If women and their newborns are to be as healthy as they can be, eat more liver.

What do medical experts say about mother and infant nutrition?   

Read this article to understand the horror of the infant food industry. Click here

What does modern bio-chemistry tell us?

Liver is THE most complete nutrient-dense food. It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin A, and copper. Eating liver as part of a balanced diet can help support a number of functions and aid the uptake of fat-soluble vitamins A and D. Liver is a good source of complete protein and has the highest protein content of all organ meats. Eating a balanced diet that contains liver can provide many health benefits and help support the immune system, the nervous system, your eyes, your brain, growth, development, and reproductive health. Liver is also loaded with essential micro-nutrients that have been shown to support energy and help the body turn the food you eat into usable energy.

What do OUR experts say?

Dr. Weston PriceDr. Henry BielerDr. Francis PottengerDr. Robert Howell and Aajonus Vonderplanitz all recommended to do what the Inuit and some other traditional cultures did which is eat the liver raw. They educated us with the value of eating liver along with the natural occurring live enzymes in the uncooked liver for maximum assimilation and bioavailability of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. As Gollum in Lord of the Rings said to Sam when he begins cooking his rabbit, “What’s it doing?! (Don’t cook it!) You ruins it!”

Liver is sometimes referred to as Nature’s multi-vitamin as you can get 100% of all your nutritional daily allowances from eating just liver.

How often should I eat liver?

I would recommend to begin eating 2-4 ounces of liver every day starting TWO YEARS before getting pregnant to prepare the woman and fetus for the best possible health.

Never over-cook Liver!!!!  It will completely dry out this delicious meal.

From Recipe for Living Without Disease (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

Liver Glandular Booster
1 cup raw grassfed liver
1 cup raw A2/A2 pastured milk
¼ cup unheated honey

Cut raw liver into small chunks. Blend all ingredients in a 16-ounce jar (you can remove the blender blade and washer from your Oster blender and screw it right on to pint size narrow mouth mason jar) on high speed for 20-25 seconds. To build immunity add 2 raw pasture raised eggs to this recipe.  If you like a zestier taste, add 1 Tbsp red onion. For a more familiar pâté add 2-4 Tbsp raw sunflower seeds. For infants, strain mixture through a strainer or cheese cloth. Feed using nipple with larger hole.

Other Delicious and Nutritious Organ Recipes:

Pork Liver Terrine
Gourmet Kidney and other organ meat recipes
BLT – Bacon, lettuce and Tongue
Portuguese Style Tongue in Paprika Sauce
Luscious Liver Pâté
Chicken Livers and Bacon
Fresh Liver Tonic- High-Octane Bloody Mary
How to Cook Liver for Liver-Haters and Win Them Over!

If you have any family recipes for organ meats, please share them with us and we can pass them along to our Simply Grassfed community.]

Why choose liver from Simply Grassfed?

If you are going to eat liver cooked or raw. We would highly suggest that you procure it from a healthy trusted source. The animals liver stores toxins and if an animal grazes on chemically treated grasses or grains or is given antibiotics, hormones or unnecessary vaccines, the toxins and chemicals go straight to the liver. 

We also process our meats using apple cider vinegar as an anti-microbial, instead of toxic chlorine bleach which is part of most butchering programs . Do you want to eat bleach? If not, I would avoid eating liver from any conventionally raised or processed animal.

What can you do until we have beef liver back in stock?

The liver of other animals is just as nutrient dense. Chicken liver is a nutrient-dense superfood and  is one of the best sources of protein on the planet containing 200% of the daily recommended values of important vitamins and minerals. It is a rich store of folate, which is important for fertility and helps prevent certain birth defects. The kidneys and hearts also offer high density nutritional value second only to the liver.  Read more about the other powerful organs, their health benefits, and common use in other cultures here.

We DO have Pork liver, kidney, heart and bones; Beef kidney, heart, tongue, bones and broth; Chicken liver, hearts, feet, bones and broth; Turkey liver, bones and broth all available now.

And, all of these items are on sale for 10% OFF beginning Memorial Day weekend until July 4th.

Click on these links to view and place your order:

When will Beef Liver be available again?

Check back in with us in a couple months when we will process beef again. 

In the meantime, eat up our other nutritious and delicious meats, so we can reserve beef liver as a sacred food for the pregnant women, children, and elderly.

Phoenix and the Simply Grassfed Families 
Connecting Food and Health


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pork liver

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turkey liver

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