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Paradise Store is Now OPEN

posted on

October 19, 2023

Paradise Store Now Open

Our Simply Grassfed farm store is open for business in Paradise, PA 10 miles east of Lancaster, just an hour from Philly, and an hour and a half from Baltimore.

We offer a nice selection of our on-line menu for easy pick up to include our 100% grass fed/grass finished beef steaks, roasts, osso buco bones, ground beef, organs, and beef broth.

We have our pasture-raised pork, chicken, and turkey meats as well.

Frozen Meats Burke's Garden

Our store shares the space with Alpine Heritage Creamery, so you can pick up any of your favorite raw A2/A2 100% grass fed and finished jersey artisanal cheeses. You might even catch Alvin at work and ask him to show you around.

Alpine Heritage Creamery Store.jpeg

Get away to the country for an afternoon, avoid shipping costs, and pick up your meats and cheeses at the store for less.

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday 8:00 - 4:00

Stop by and see us!!

Contact me if you have any questions.

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News From the Farm

Hay Season Begins! We dusted off all of the equipment, sharpened the blades, and harnessed up the horses. This week we cut, raked, and baled our first test run of haylage. The grass is ready and we are too. Last year we produced about 1000 bales from June to August. We are hoping to produce 1500 this year.

Burke’s Garden Farm Lamb - A High-Quality Healthy Meat Option

Here at Burke’s Garden Farm we raise some the healthiest sheep, and thus, lamb meats in the USA. Sheep thrive on 100% pasture grasses and hay. Sheep also consume plants, such as noxious weeds, that most other animals will not touch. This means that sheep are an integral component of an all grass-fed rotational grazing ecosystem along with other livestock.

Simply Beautiful at the Garden

I spent this morning leisurely walking the property and basking in the beauty of where we live and where our livestock graze and grow your grass fed food. Not everyone gets an opportunity to experience this majestic land first hand, so I’m bringing you with me in photos. Scroll slowly through these pictures, take a deep breathe, smell and listen to each one, and really drink from Nature’s full cup of glory.