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Our Philosophy

Here at Simply Grass-Fed we firmly trust in the goodness of the earth to provide all that is needed for good health in people and animals.

The outdoors; with abundant sunshine, adequate rainfall, and lush grasses for our animals to eat, and to roam and lounge in, provide the basis for our foods. Our farming practices are DNA informed by 10 or more generations of farmers, giving us deep roots in Agri-Culture.

Cows for example, with no top teeth to bite off grass, are designed to pull it into their mouths, thereby preserving the viability of the grass sward (crowns and roots). They swallow the grass, only to bring it up later from their stomachs into their mouths to chew on it when in a relaxed mode. This is called chewing their cud; it is a picture of contentment.

Chickens love to run around outside in the grass, scratching the surface of the earth as they search for worms, grubs, and insects.

Pigs love to root with snouts that are uniquely designed for it, finding delicacies known only to them.

These types of environments for farm animals are not found on most western farms of our time, but these are the types of farms that supply our company; Simply Grassfed.

We plain living farm families of Simply Grassfed are part of a close community which is of great value to us, especially in this time of disconnected social media communications.

Close family relationships connecting close community relationships undergird closeness to the earth. Resistance to hundreds of years of banishment in the old country by bailiffs and burghers trying to bring us into the religious folds of various regions have given us a determination to follow our own consciences.

Our farms are small in a time of huge commercial Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)s.

Grass farmers celebrate the nature of each individual animal residing on their farms, and the cycle of life that they represent.

Their animals are humanely treated from beginning to end, and when the time comes for their milk or meat products to appear on your plate, the food that is waiting for you will be healthy and nutritious, without antibiotics, added hormones, genetically modified organisms, pesticides, fungicides, or insecticides; just the way it was meant to be.

All of the farms in our sourcing network practice grass fed or grass based faming when feeding and caring for their animals. On the small farms of Simply Grassfed each animal is more likely to get individual care.

In order to manage our farms and animals effectively and profitably, we farmers of Simply Grassfed must keep them healthy, avoiding sickness and the conditions that foster it so that we have no need of antibiotics.

All this means that all who are privileged to include the foods of Simply Grassfed in their diets benefit immensely from the healthy and palate pleasing attributes of these unique foods.