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Burke's Garden Farm Store is Now OPEN

June 23, 2023

Simply Grassfed began as an on-line store that ships your favorite meats and cheeses in the lower 48 states. 

Because of the local demand in Southern Appalachia, we decided to open our farm store. We purchased the building shell and with the help from volunteers (thank you all for helping!!), our children, and a few skilled designer-carpenters, we finished out our cozy mercantile.
We are loosely open Monday thru Saturday 10-5 as we are juggling farm work, gardening, and tending to our families.
If you are making a special trip, please call in advance 423-676-0043 or email avyanna@blossomandbe.com and we can make sure to be available to serve you.
Our Address: 7458 Burke’s Garden Rd 24651.
If you are looking for a breathtaking weekend adventure to the cool mountains in the heat of the Summer, or want to visit the farm that supports your family’s health, come on up to 3000 ft and say howdy! The trail head to the Appalachian trail is just 15-minutes away. 

We have several Airbnb’s in the area and Cavitt’s Creek Park and campground is a beautiful place to stay. If you bring your muck boots, we might put you to work on the farm. 
...and, stay tuned as we hope to be set up to stock our meats along with our cheeses (which are currently available) at our Paradise, PA farm store soon.


Baby Fawns Safe & Sound

Apparently, when Does give birth in the Spring they like to nest in the middle of a meadow!

One morning, John and the horse team were cutting one of the fields of haylage and stumbled upon sleeping babes.

Luckily, John spotted these beauties and was able to relocate them out of harms way. What a heart-warming experience for us all to share.


We now have our delicious A2/A2 raw cheese in “Unsalted”

After much demand, we crafted an unsalted cheddar cheese. Many of you have been asking for a “No-Salt” raw A2/A2 cheese for your health.

We pride ourselves on flavor and it took time to develop an unsalted cheese that could match our quality taste. And, we did it! We are starting off with Unsalted Mild Cheddar.

Click here to order.

Please give us feedback. If you like it, we can experiment with other flavors.

At Alpine Heritage Creamery, Health is Our Culture.


Wildlife at Burke's Garden

The diversity of wildlife is incredible here at Burke’s Garden. The lush pastures provide a nourishing habitat for an abundance of mammals, birds and reptiles. On any given day, you will see rabbits, squirrels, opossum, skunks, fish, frogs and salamanders in the streams, turkey, osprey, owls, hawks, king fisher’s, vultures, blue herons and much much more.

Here is a snapping turtle Avyanna spotted this week. So much life and death in the Garden as all the species on the food chain get nourished.


Phoenix and the Simply Grassfed Families 
photos courtesy © 2023 Avyanna Grace

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