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Connecting Food & Health

100% Grass Fed Beef, Lamb, and Goat
Pasture Raised Pork, Chicken & Turkey
Organic Raw A2/A2 Cheeses
Delivered to Your Door

Clean Nutrient-Dense Foods

Food and health are inextricably linked.

Get wholesome ingredients that are not only delicious but also make your body feel good.

  • Chemical-Free, Nutrient-Dense, Lush Pastures
  • Humanely Raised
  • Fresh Air and Spring Water
  • GMO-Free
  • Antibiotic & Hormone-Free
  • NO Vaccines
  • mRNA-Free
  • No Chlorine Bleach Cleaners

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Beyond Organic

The word "organic" has become whitewashed and usurped by commercial food companies especially in the mass production meat and dairy industry.

Not only is it getting harder and harder to find real food grown according to Nature's laws, but some farms and companies now are intentionally deceptive capitalizing on words like natural, organic, pasture-raised, free-range, and raw. More and more, the powers that be are making it financial and legally difficult for us to obtain real food and health-conscious farms and farmers are becoming a dying breed. We see how this affects the health of our country as disease has skyrocketed since the mass implementation of chemicals into our food supply.

Integrity & Transparency

At Simply Grassfed, we strive to work with nature instead of against growing clean food for the health of your family, the animals, and the planet. We are are part of a growing network of farms emerging from the truly-natural food movement that hopes to support the health-conscious community without compromise when it comes to what we feed our children. We don't claim to be perfect, but we are committed to full transparency and continue to experiment, learn, and grow as food security, health, and nutrition become ever so important.

Made in USA

We also support the Made in USA movement. We like the idea of creating jobs at home and boosting our economy instead of New Zealand's. It just seems to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and secure than buying and shipping food from thousands of miles away.

Know your Food and Farmer

We think it's important to have a relationship with your farmer. And, although we are very busy during hay season and because of our Amish tradition doesn't allow us to use modern technology, we need to rely on others to deliver our food and manage our IT services. We will always find time to talk with you by phone or along side us at 5:30 am while we are milking, fixing fences, or moving cattle.

Give us a call, stop by our farm stores, or schedule a tour and meet us and our animals.

We will treat you and feed you like family !

Simply Grass Fed Beef, Cheese and Pork
Simply Grass Fed Turkey, Lamb, Goat and Chickens

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Enjoy healthy homemade food with your friends and family. It tastes better and feels better with farm-direct ingredients.

From Our Happy Customers

I find that ordering through Simply Grass Fed is very easy! The two meat shipments I have ordered and received, arrived frozen. Upon cooking the Delmonico steak, pork chops, and raw ham I understood why Simply Grass Fed customers return again and again! Try their Delmonico steak....the flavor and juiciness is outstanding!
Merry Graham
The food is amazing. There is nothing like this meat in any supermarket I know. Also the cheese.....amazing. Thank you
Deborah Hernandez
For the past 30 years I have been making bone broth for health. I always make efforts to use bones from farms that use healthy farming practices. I recently made my first batch of bone broth using chickens from Simply Grassfed chickens and chicken feet. It is my BEST batch ever! A true testament to the health and happiness of the animals on this farm.
Karen Cash

Two Brothers & Two Farms

Alvin makes cheese and runs Alpine Heritage Creamery in Paradise, PA. John raises animals and runs Burkes Garden Farm in Tazewell, VA. Together, they are Simply Grassfed.

Alvin and John feel privileged to produce food the way God intended and provide you with the most delicious and nutrient-dense meat and cheese possible.

These brothers give life. They nourish the soil, which nourishes the plants, which nourishes the animals, which nourish you. You are supporting a regenerative cycle of health and wellness.