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Paradise Colby

Aged 2-6 months, this classic farmstead Colby has a smooth buttery flavor and grassy aroma thanks to our 100% grass fed organic A2A2 Jersey milk. The Paradise Colby cheese is great for a wide range of applications from simply snacking to creating creamy mac and cheese.


Yogurt Cheese

Aged 2-6 months this springy textured yogurt cheese has the sweet aroma of warm butter with a mild but fully rounded flavor and tanginess that makes it the ideal partner for pickles and cured meats.


Applewood Cheddar

Aged 4-8 months, our signature cheddar is roasted over applewood for a more robust flavor making it an ideal pairing for cured meats, pickled vegetables, in a sandwich or melted over a burger. 


Welcome to Simply Grass-Fed Make the Healthy Choice

From the Emmantal valleys and Jura Mountains of Switzerland and from the Alsace regions of France and Germany we came to the rolling hills of Eastern Pennsylvania, nearly two hundred years ago; Plain People. We brought in our innermost beings; love for the land, good animal husbandry, and strong family and community structures. We deeply appreciate the privilege of worshipping our God as we see fit and we continue to determinedly and humbly partner with Creation to call forth from the cycle of life the best of human sustenance possible. In the mysterious green foliage known as grass is represented the best nutrition we can find to nourish the animals in our care. Grass; fresh and green, in its blades healthy rays from the sun, and life-giving rain from the heavens, and nourishment from unimaginably active life-enhancing microbial communities at work in the earth, we bring you Simply Grass-Fed™.

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