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Excellent grass fed cheese! They have a great variety and it is the most flavorful cheese I've ever tasted. Thank you!
Agathe Benichou
I have been dealing with the supplier for almost 20 years. I can tell you that all the products are superior by far than any other store-bought or other source products. All the meats and other products taste like the best version of themselves. The turkey is a whole new experience. Not the dry stiff meat that needs to be soaked with gravy and other foods to make it palatable, this meat is juicy flavorful and stands on its own, really unbelievable.
John Dugan
We were looking for clean pork and this fits the bill. We're very happy with all the pork products. Also we have enjoyed the raw butter and cheese. We feel secure knowing the farmers pride themselves in taking excellent care of their animals and it shows in the taste of their products.
Jerry Donoghue
Fantastic cheese. Really, the best ever. My body loves it, and so do my taste buds.
Akhi Devi
I find that ordering through Simply Grass Fed is very easy! The two meat shipments I have ordered and received, arrived frozen. Upon cooking the Delmonico steak, pork chops, and raw ham I understood why Simply Grass Fed customers return again and again! Try their Delmonico steak....the flavor and juiciness is outstanding!
Merry Graham
Great stuff! I loved all the different cheeses I ordered. Its great a farm is producing quality A2 and grassfed cheese products. Will definitely order again!
Angela Monk
Boxed and well insulated. Dry ice was used to keep cold and that means no water leaking inside box. Meats very tasty with a good meat flavor.
Brian Hoverfly
Excellent! would order again and I'm telling all my friends about this high quality meat. My order arrived fast and still frozen. Great company!
Aldona Shea
The dry ice was gone by the time I received the package here in Florida but the meat was still cool and tastes great. Will be ordering again.
Tangy Alridge
The package arrived in great condition. We enjoyed the steak and it exceeded out expectations. The cheese is awesome, well worth it. And supporting family farms, and avoiding factory farmed food..... priceless!
Rebecca Compton
Some of the best (if not the best) clothbound cheddar I've had.
Bob Gregory
The food is amazing. There is nothing like this meat in any supermarket I know. Also the cheese.....amazing. Thank you
Deborah Hernandez
Received our order today and the cheese was packaged well and was still very cold. We tried the cheese and our family is a big fan!!
Marlin Bauman
Best cheese I’ve had in Pennsylvania. Can’t wait to try the grass fed beef!
Greg Oniskey
All the products are first class. They pay special attention to quality.
Howard Field
Best cheese I have ever had
Jeremiah Moser
So I'm allergic to A1 protein and have been searching for A2 cheese. I found Simply Grass-fed online. I love the cloth bound cheddar and the Swiss. Not a fan of the Applewood Smoked (a little strong on the smoke) It's been about 5 years since I could eat cheese and this is the best hands down.
Tricia Solinski
My first ordered arrived really quickly within days of my order and it was still frozen. The roast was amazing and I would definitely order again. The short ribs look delish I can’t wait to make them.
For the past 30 years I have been making bone broth for health. I always make efforts to use bones from farms that use healthy farming practices. I recently made my first batch of bone broth using chickens from Simply Grassfed chickens and chicken feet. It is my BEST batch ever! A true testament to the health and happiness of the animals on this farm.
Karen Cash
Our family has been very happy with the quality of all of the meat we've tried from Simply Grass-fed. Very grateful that food of this quality is available!
Abigail Gerber