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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can buy just one item, however we recommend that you take advantage of our free shipping for orders over $125. Shipping more items at once is more cost effective.

Our software only allows you to have one order going at a time. Once you place your order, you can login and add/remove products from your cart any time before the Sunday at midnight deadline. 

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Please know that we work on a tight order/delivery schedule. It's how we can get you the best quality food! Because of this, we do not allow order modifications after the deadline passes.

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When your order is packaged and picked up by UPS.

Our commitment is to your health and to the environment. Please note that we package in recyclable materials to prevent adding more foam and plastic to our landfills. As a result, especially in the summer months if you live in a hot climate, it is very difficult for your order to arrive still frozen. Although we do use dry ice, it will most likely arrive thawed and fresh below 42 degrees just like shopping at your local health food store or farmers market (especially for smaller order quantities).

It is no problem to refreeze any of our products if you wish. When partially thawed, this is a good time to break bulk packages down into smaller serving sizes and refreeze.

We only ship at the beginning of the week to avoid the risk of your order getting stuck in a UPS hub over Sunday

Did you know? We use sustainable packaging. We feel if our farming practices are sustainable, then our packaging should be too. Our cardboard boxes and cardboard liners are 100% curbside recyclable. All you need to do is put them out on the curb with your usual recycling.

Yes! You can pick up at either of our farm stores in Burke's Garden, VA or Paradise, PA or our drop-off location in Asheville, NC. Contact us for address and details. Also, if you are wanting to stock our products in your store or restaurant, we can talk as well as logistics about starting another dropoff location.

If the package is unopened, they will last a couple months. The more aged harder cheddars will last longer than the softer cheeses. Cheese lasts longest if I don't peel back the plastic all the way at first - only peeling back what is necessary to cut off the amount of cheese that you will be using at that sitting. When you do it this way, the outer surface that is exposed to air will be minimal and it won't mold for a month. View our cheese guide here And, if the cheese does mold, you can still eat it or just shave off the mold and the cheese underneath will still be safe.

After WWII, the government and industry leaders brainwashed us to believe that we needed to pasteurize food in order to kill bacteria and keep food safe. The reality is that they wanted to increase their profits by extending shelf life and to ship long distances. What actually happened is they killed all the beneficial enzymes that make raw milk a healthy prevention for many diseases. One hundred years ago, many doctors prescribed raw milk as a cure for diabetes and other ailments. And there was no need to extend shelf life, because RAW milk doesn't spoil. It just turns into clabbered milk which was a meal time staple before refrigeration. Raw cheese doesn't spoil either. If stored properly, it just ages.

In the past, there were only A2/A2 cows. These were the original genetics that produced healthy, hardy cattle that lived well off of grass and produced milk that was similar to all other mammal milk, even human milk. A2/A2 milk digested well and had the most health benefits as you can see in the health of our ancestors. Then, farmers began to breed cows for traits that produced the largest quantities of milk and were best suited to eat grains, without consideration to quality or the cows or our human’s health. This was to maximize yields and profits and sacrificed quality. Most of the healthy A2/A2 cows were bred out of the industry leaving many mixed A2/A1 breeds. Fortunately, a few remaining conscious farmers have been selectively breeding back in the A2/A2 trait and these cows are beginning to grow in population again. All our cows have been genetically tested and are A2/A2.

Our raw milk and raw cheese making process never goes over 102 degrees, which is the normal body temperature of our milk cows.

Our meat/fat ratio is 80/20. In the 70's and 80's government and industry tried to brainwash us into thinking that fat was bad. They said things like: "Don't eat saturated fat" Don't eat Butter" "Don't eat EGGS" "Eat LOW fat" "Eat LEAN meat" This was when stores began cutting off all the healthy fat from the meat and trashing it or selling it to the lipstick factories, and selling us ground beef with 5% fat content. 

We now know that this was propaganda to get us to buy margarine, canola oil and other manufactured vegetable oils and shortenings that were made from corn and soy. This benefited the corn and soy industry, but was far from the truth and we now know that these vegetable oils and fake fats are the cause of heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. 

We leave the fat in our ground beef so you can get all the rich, healthy Conjugated Linoleic Acids and other fats that come from meat and dairy that are needed to assimilate fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are important for several functions in the body, including vision, bone health, immunity, and blood clotting. 

Before WWII, there was no such term as organic, because most farming was organic. Cows were raised on pasture, like wild buffalo and fed hay in the winter months. There were little herbicides, pesticides, and no GMO grains. No antibiotics. No vaccines. During WWII the government and industry began experimenting with nitrogen, which was a fuel for bombs and an herbicide (Agent Orange) for killing forests and experimenting with genetics more aggressive soldiers and larger farm animals. The Allied governments began subsidizing farmers to grow food in this way and even shamed you for not being patriotic if you weren't willing to produce poisoned food. In England, farmers were even heavily fined or their land was confiscated if they didn't farm using chemicals. We now know that this was all propaganda and traditional pasture farming practices are coming back into popularity and humans are getting healthy again like our ancestors. At Simply Grassfed, we implement the traditional grazing practices.

We DO NOT give vaccines, antibiotics or hormones to our livestock or any born here on our property. Our pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats, lamb we can confidently say, NO vaccines, However, we do not have complete control over knowing about the cows that we buy and bring in. Some of our cattle suppliers DO NOT vaccinate and some DO Tetanus and Black Leg to prevent fatal illness from stepping on or ingesting metal or a bacteria called Clostridium chauvoei which can be deadly to young calves. We are constantly educating our suppliers about this and encouraging them to let nature take its course and most are not willing to take the financial loss that nature might dish out. We have successfully stopped our suppliers from using any mRNA vaccines. We are doing the best we can by birthing as many of our calves ourselves and yet, it is very expensive to feed cows over the winter to get them to the right size to slaughter and have meat available for our customers all year long. I assure you that our beef is less likely to have any meds than Australian grass fed or most any other producer in the US (many who coop their meat from other farms and are often out of this country. And our pigs, turkeys, chickens, sheep, and goats are receive NO vaccines, hormones, antibiotics, will out rank most all as far as NO MEDS and clean feed go.

NO. We take healthy meats to the highest level. Chlorine gas was another WWII experiment to find a way to kill millions of people. The governments and industry brainwashed us into thinking we needed chlorine to kill microbes so our food and homes will be safe. Most all butcher shops today use chlorine bleach to clean their surfaces, equipment, and wash the meat. Our butcher does not. We used to use citric acid which had been a healthy alternative to bleach, until it was not. Now we use old-fashioned apple cider vinegar. This is our commitment to providing you and your family with the healthiest meats on the planet.

We do. Only we have labeled it Delmonico in the past having surveyed our New England clients, this is what you call it. Now that we have the farm in Virginia, you southerners call it a Ribeye. So, we responded to your feedback and renamed this item the Boneless Ribeye (aka Delmonico). So, now when you search for either Delmonico or Ribeye, you are directed to this item.

Every meat and cheese product we sell to you comes from animals that have been born, lived, and grazed in the United States, supporting U.S. local farms, butchers, and jobs in our country.