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Our Farms

Burke's Garden Farm


Our high-altitude pastures, clean air, and fresh water at Burke's Garden Farm is the home of finest quality Grass Fed Beef, Lamb, Goat, Pastured Pork, Chicken, Turkey free from antibiotics, hormones, GMOs and mRNA vaccines.. Our stress-free, open range, rotationally grazed livestock nourish us with meats with premium nutrient density and full flavor. If you wish to support local, fresh food and farms, and nourish the health of your family and the planet, our sustainable farming practices and geographical location are second to none.

Alpine Heritage Creamery

We are a second-generation family-run dairy with an onsite creamery. We hand-craft artisanal cheeses from the organic raw milk of our 100% pasture-raised A2/A2 Jersey dairy cows. We only use Organic Animal Rennet in our cheese making. Our cows live the good life on an organic grass, grass hay, and grass haylage diet and receive absolutely no hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, grain, or mRNA vaccines EVER!! Our happy cows on premium forage, create the most delicious and nutritious cheeses in America. At Alpine Heritage Creamery, Health is out Culture!


Our Simply Grassfed in Paradise, PA Farm Store is located 10 miles east of Lancaster, just an hour from Philly, and an hour and a half from Baltimore. We offer a nice selection of our on-line menu for easy pick up to include our 100% grass fed/grass finished beef steaks, roasts, osso buco bones, ground beef, organs, and beef broth. We have our pasture-raised pork, chicken, and turkey meats and of course, all of our delicious Raw Organic A2 100 % Grass Fed Cheeses.