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Happy Thanksgiving and Turkey Tips

I hope you got what you needed, turkeys and all for your Thanksgiving meal. We will not be shipping next week to avoid any delivery overwhelm or challenges and give UPS and ourselves a break. Any orders placed this week or next week will be packaged and shipped on November 27th.

Reflections on Wise Traditions

First, and for most, I want to thank you for your patience and understanding while Simply Grassfed focused our energy on sponsoring the 2023 Weston A. Price Wise Traditions Conference.

Paradise Store is Now OPEN

Our Simply Grassfed farm store is open for business in Paradise, PA 10 miles east of Lancaster, just an hour from Philly, and an hour and a half from Baltimore. Get away to the country for an afternoon, avoid shipping costs, and pick up your meats and cheeses at the store for less.

It's Turkey Season Again

At Burke’s Garden Farm, we have worked hard to pasture raise some of the finest quality birds for your holiday feast. And, we have Soy-Free options too!! Our turkeys are a traditional "white" breed not the brown ones you see grazing on your front lawn. We raise ours to mimic their wild habitat with 10-acres of lush high-altitude chemical free grasses and legumes to munch as they run wild, pecking at bugs, grubs, and seeds.

How to Freeze Grass Fed Meat in Bulk

One of the best ways to prepare for your family's meat needs is to stock up in the fall when there is an abundance of meat and freeze it for your meals for the year to come. For those that are doing this for the first time, you will have some questions to ask. We will walk you through the process here, so it will be simple. What is the best type of freezer?

Grass, Grub, and No-Drug Pork

All of our pigs are free of antibiotics, hormones, vaccines, and GMOs. We don’t buy in pigs as we breed them ourselves on the farm so we have several generations of chemical free, GMO-free pig stock and we keep getting cleaner each generation. We’ve created our own Burke’s Garden Farm breed from a variety of standard breeds that have adapted to our pastures and feeding routines. They are hardy, fat and happy!

What's New In Paradise

It’s harvest time in Paradise. Last week we began picking tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet corn, pickle cukes, zucchini, red beets, and carrots. Watermelon will be ready soon. It’s time for the last planting of green beans and cold weather crops - cabbage, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and brussels sprouts. We are also planting some diverse cover crops soon- oats, Sudan grass, daikon radish, and turnips.

Answering Your Important Questions

As a new customer, it takes some trust to switch to buying your food from another farm. Usually by the time you have come to us, you have been disappointed and frustrated with your previous health food store, or on-line buying program’s lack of transparency, or you are growing more aware of what your priorities are and what real food is. The integrity in our American food and farming system has become underwhelming. We noticed from your questions that you are a highly intelligent shopper looking for the best quality food for your family. It’s sad that we have to do so much questioning to find a quality farm that raises real food like pastured meats and raw A2/A2 cheeses.

Our V.I.C.s (Very Important Cattle)

We’ve discussed the unique benefits of our pasture's forages in the Virginia Highlands and the precision process we follow for making our high quality haylage. Today, let me introduce to you…. Drum roll please…. “Stars of the Show” that turn all these wonderful nutrients into delicious and nutritious beef for our bodies.

Burke's Garden Farm Store is Now OPEN

Because of the local demand in Southern Appalachia, we decided to open our farm store. We purchased the building shell and with the help from volunteers (thank you all for helping!!), our children, and a few skilled designer-carpenters, we finished out our cozy mercantile.

Here's How We Roll

We are in haylage-making season. What the heck is haylage? And what exactly are we doing when we say, “I’m sorry. We’ll get back to you because we are busy making hay.” When making HAY, the grass is allowed to grow taller and even go to seed and cut in very dry conditions. After cutting, it sits in the field for several days, dries out, and dies before baling.