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Farmstead Cheese

Raw Cheese - Never heated above 102 degrees Certified Organic Cheese Handmade in Small Batches with Delicious Flavor Made with Milk from Pasture Raised, 100% Grass Fed Cows No Hormones, Antibiotics, GMOs, or Vaccines Contains 100% A2 Beta-Casein Protein

Better Cheese for You... and the Planet!

Healthy for You

Our 100% grass fed cheese is organic and nutrient-dense. Since it's A2/A2, it's easier to digest. It's also free of yucky stuff like hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs.

Good for the Planet

Raising animals on pasture replenishes soil naturally, year after year. Pasture captures carbon and supports biodiverse ecosystems.

Naturally Happy Cows

When we provide our cows with open air and sunshine, plenty of room to roam, and ample biodiverse pasture to eat, they are naturally happy and healthy.

Delivered to Your Door in Sustainable Packaging

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Best cheese I have ever had!
Jeremiah Moser

You get the most nutritious & delicious & nutritious cheese because of our stellar standards.

After all, cheese is our culture.


The cheese makers of Simply Grassfed are artists working in the European tradition, harkening back to their forefathers and mothers in the old country.


All of our cheeses are made with raw organic milk and are never heated above 110F. Pasteurized (even just heated above 104 degrees) dairy kills the beneficial microbes that our intestines need to digest and assimilate the macro-nutrients that keep us healthy and strong. Raw milk cheeses tend to have more personality, a more robust flavor, when compared to cheeses made with pasteurized milk.


The cows are only ever fed grass. No corn, no soy, no antibiotics, no added hormones, no grains from genetically modified Round-Up Ready crops. This is important.


The cheeses of Simply Grassfed are made with milk from A2/A2 Jersey cows. That means that it contains 100% A2 beta-casein protein, which is more digestible. Some people who are intolerant to dairy can handle A2/A2 cheese.

Organic Animal Rennet

We only use Organic Animal Rennet in our cheese making