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Turkey Backs (3lbs)

Turkey Backs (3lbs)

Pasture Raised Turkey - GMO-Free

Our pasture raised turkeys at Burke's Garden Farm are antibiotic free, hormone free, vaccine free, and GMO-Free.

Turkey Backs, 3lbs

At Burke’s Garden Farm, we have worked hard to pasture raise some of the finest quality turkeys for your holiday feast or any time of the year. Our pasture raised turkeys are a traditional "white" breed not the brown ones you see grazing on your front lawn. We raise ours to mimic their wild habitat with 10-acres of lush high-altitude chemical free grasses and legumes to munch as they run wild, pecking peck at bugs, grubs, and seeds. They have access to clean air, spring water, and predators. Yes, we have electric fencing and guard dogs and still we loose a dozen or so each year to these clever coyotes.

With a free and happy life comes some risks. And, we are committed to letting our turkeys run free. We think our turkeys love it this way.

Better yet, since they are naturally happy and healthy, they produce high-quality, nutrient-dense food for you and your family feast.

All of our pasture raised turkeys are:

✓ Raised on chemical-free, open-air pastures
✓ Free of hormones and antibiotics
✓ Free of steroids and vaccines to include mRNAs
✓ Fed a GMO-free feed

These turkeys spend their life free-ranging on our grasses, bugs, and grubs and we supplement them with GMO-free corn, soybeans, fish meal, small grains, and minerals.

Whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, or July 4th, we look forward to co-creating healthy holiday memories for you and your family!!

Made in USA