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Certified Organic Cheeses Grass Fed Pasture Raised Artisanal Cheeses A2/A2

Bring Your Family Closer

Cooking at home and eating together bonds your family. Those tastes and memories will last a lifetime.

Give Animals a Great Life

Be proud to get your food from animals that were raised humanely. Eat with confidence, knowing that your meal was produced with respect for all life.

Create a Better Future

Be part of the movement of people who are ditching the supermarket and ordering directly from small US farms instead. We're reinventing the food system together!

Clean Nutrient-Dense Foods

Food and health are inextricably linked.

Get wholesome ingredients that are not only delicious but also make your body feel good.

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Enjoy healthy homemade food with your friends and family. It tastes better and feels better with farm-direct ingredients.

"It is health that is real wealth not pieces of gold and silver."

-Mahatma Ghandi

From Our Happy Customers

The Paradise Reserve Cheddar and Dutch Country Swiss cheeses are delicious. My daughter with the digestive disease loves the cheddar but can only eat very small amounts, but at least she can digest it! My favorite is the Swiss and I am typically not a swiss cheese fan. Both cheeses are creamy and a treat to the taste buds.
All the products are first class. They pay special attention to quality.
Howard Field
Received our order today and the cheese was packaged well and was still very cold.We tried the cheese and our family is a big fan!!
Marlin Bauman

Two Brothers & Two Farms

Alvin makes cheese and runs Alpine Heritage Creamery in Paradise, PA. John raises animals and runs Burkes Garden Farm in Tazewell, VA. Together, they are Simply Grassfed.

Alvin and John feel privileged to produce food the way God intended and provide you with the most delicious and nutrient-dense meat and cheese possible.

These brothers give life. They nourish the soil, which nourishes the plants, which nourishes the animals, which nourish you. You are supporting a regenerative cycle of health and wellness.