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Pork heart is considered an organ meat and a muscle meat.

It's nutritious, delicious, and interestingly enough; it tastes like beef!

Pork heart is high in B vitamins, zinc, iron, selenium, and CoQ-10. Pork heart is lean, so marinating it overnight is a great way to enhance the flavor and add more moisture.

Chop up the heart into bite-sized pieces. Add olive oil, cut-up garlic, onion, and a little ginger. Marinate overnight. Heat a pan over medium heat. Salt and pepper the heart, and add the ingredients to the pan.

Cook for 8-10 minutes, frequently stirring, until the heart is cooked through and develops a nice golden-brown color. Sprinkle with parsley and serve with stir-fried veggies.

*Comes frozen and sealed.