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Pork Heart

Pork Heart

Pastured Pork - GMO-Free

Made in the USA

Our pork heart comes from pasture raised pigs from Burke's Garden Farm that are antibiotic free, hormone free, vaccine free, and GMO-Free.

Pork heart is considered an organ meat and a muscle meat.

It's nutritious, delicious, and interestingly enough; it tastes like beef!

Pork heart is high in B vitamins, zinc, iron, selenium, and CoQ-10. Pork heart is lean, so marinating it overnight is a great way to enhance the flavor and add more moisture.

Chop up the heart into bite-sized pieces. Add olive oil, cut-up garlic, onion, and a little ginger. Marinate overnight. Heat a pan over medium heat. Salt and pepper the heart, and add the ingredients to the pan.

Cook for 8-10 minutes, frequently stirring, until the heart is cooked through and develops a nice golden-brown color. Sprinkle with parsley and serve with stir-fried veggies.

*Comes frozen and sealed.

All of our pigs are free of antibiotics, hormones, vaccines, and GMOs.

We don’t buy in pigs as we breed them ourselves on the farm so we have several generations of chemical free, GMO-free pig stock and we keep getting cleaner each generation.

We’ve created our own Burke’s Garden Farm breed from a variety of standard breeds that have adapted to our pastures and feeding routines. 

They are hardy, fat and happy!

These pigs are pasture raised at Burkes Garden Farm and eat 90% of their diet of bugs, grass, roots, grubs, and earthworms. They roam 500 acres with access to clean highland air, water and sunshine.

Living on alfalfa, blue grass, orchard grass, clover, burdock, herbs, wildflowers, turnips, grubs, bugs, and earthworms, with free-access to clean spring water and high-altitude air and climate, they produce the most nutritious pork.

In addition to what they root for, they are supplemented a GMO-free, chemical-free feed that contains corn, soybeans, small grains (oats), and minerals.

Lastly, our pig butcher does not process using nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, MSG, or chlorine bleach cleaners, rather washes in certified-for-organic non-GMO citric and lactic acid.

Our sausages are wrapped in both natural pork collagen or pork intestine casings.

So, if you are looking for a healthy option for your family, for the pigs, and for the planet, you are in the right place.

Made in the USA