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Beef Chuck Eye Steak

Beef Chuck Eye Steak

2 per pack | 100% Grass Fed Beef

Made in the USA

Our chuck eye steak is naturally pasture raised and comes from 100% grass fed and finished cows that are antibiotic free, hormone free, corn & soy free, grain free, mRNA free, and GMO free.

Chuck Eye Steak is often called the "Poor Man's Ribeye".

Tender ribeyes come from the sixth to twelfth ribs of a cow; butchers cut the Chuck Eye from the fifth rib and upper shoulder region. This proximity, which includes a few inches of the tender longissimus dorsi muscle, the main component of a ribeye, means the chuck eye steak shares many of the characteristics of a ribeye.

Although chuck eye steaks aren't always available—there are just two per cow—they tend to be a budget-friendly, highly tender cut of meat.

*Comes frozen and sealed.

Our Beef is 100% Grass Fed.

Our old-time Scottish breed cows (Murray Greys, Red Devons, Aberdeen Angus, and Baldies) graze well on our high-altitude, chemical-free pastures of alfalfa, blue grass, white and red clover, orchard grass, wildflowers, turnip greens, oat grass, and herbs that produce high yield, nutritious, and deliciously tender beef.

Our Cows Get:

  • Fresh, Green Pastures
  • Grasses, Wildflowers, and Herbs
  • Plenty of Sunshine and Spring water
  • Plenty of Exercise
  • Are Raised Humanely
  • Live Outdoors All-Year-Round
  • Our home-grown, chemical-free Haylage (In Winter)

Our Cows NEVER Get:

  • SOY
  • CORN
  • STEROIDS (Growth Hormones)
  • mRNA vaccines
  • GMOs

Ingredients: 100% Grass Fed Beef, Grass Finished Beef

Made in the USA

Eating our grass fed products supports local, regenerative agriculture which in return supports the health of your family and the planet.