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Chicken Livers (Freedom Ranger)

Chicken Livers (Freedom Ranger)

Soy-Free, Pastured Chicken Livers

Organ meat is the place to be the most discerning about how your animal is raised, since the Liver is the organ that filters out the toxins.

If you want Simply the cleanest Liver available, ours is hard to beat.

Our chicken livers are naturally pasture raised and comes from chickens that are antibiotic free, hormone free, soy free, and GMO free.

Made in the USA

Have you tried our Pastured Turkey Liver? It has many of the same health benefits as Chicken Liver.

Chicken liver is one of the healthiest foods.

It's packed with vitamins and minerals and is considered a supplemental food.

Beef liver gets all the buzz, but chicken liver is just as nutrient-dense! If you're not the biggest fan of the flavor, soaking it in milk for a few hours can help tone down the intensity of the liver. Add chicken liver to a stir fry with onions, mushrooms, and garlic.

*Comes frozen and sealed.