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Chicken Livers (Freedom Ranger)

Chicken Livers (Freedom Ranger)

Pastured Chicken

Our freedom ranger pasture raised chickens at Burke's Garden Farm are antibiotic free, hormone free, soy-free, vaccine free, and GMO-Free.

Chicken Livers

Made in USA

Chicken liver is one of the healthiest foods.

It's packed with vitamins and minerals and is considered a supplemental food.

Beef liver gets all the buzz, but chicken liver is just as nutrient-dense! If you're not the biggest fan of the flavor, soaking it in milk for a few hours can help tone down the intensity of the liver. Add chicken liver to a stir fry with onions, mushrooms, and garlic.

*Comes frozen and sealed.

Our chickens are pasture raised in mobile coops. They are moved daily to get access to fresh green pasture, with plenty of bugs and seeds to forage for. Pastured chickens are the happiest and healthiest and produce the most nourishing foods.

All of our chickens are free of GMOs, antibiotics, steroids, and vaccines.


These birds are the heritage Freedom Ranger breed. It has an earthier flavor and darker meat. They are fed a soy-free feed, which consists of GMO-free corn, fish meal, small grains and minerals.

Freedom Rangers grow slowly, reaching 5-6 pounds in 9-11 weeks. This makes their meat more tender and considered more flavorful. These chickens are often sold to higher-end restaurants because of their undeniably delicious taste!

Our freedom ranger chickens are:

✓ Pasture Raised
✓ Free of hormones and antibiotics
✓ Fed a completely GMO-free feed
✓ Soy-Free