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20 LB Beef Roast Combo

20 LB Beef Roast Combo

Corn & Soy Free

Stock up on your favorite cuts and save by buying in bulk.

Round roast is an economical cut from the rear leg. Because it is a lean and tough cut, we recommend slow roasting, braising, poaching, or simmering. Before slow cooking, give each side a sear on high heat - this will create a crust and enhance flavors.

Ground beef is a quick-cooking option to have on hand. Try Taco Tuesdays, ground beef casserole on Thursdays, or even burgers on Fridays. The whole family will be happy! All from 100% grass fed cows.

  • 4 2-3 LB Beef Round Roasts
  • 10 1 LB Packages Ground Beef

*All cuts come frozen and individually sealed.