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The Sun Will Rise Again

posted on

March 29, 2024


I was having a difficult time getting excited about Spring.

Even with the pure white Dogwoods, the Eastern Redbuds bursting along the highway, the Daffodils and Forsythia blossoming and bedazzling, the baaa-ing new baby lambs, and the pasture so ready to burst with new life, I still was feeling dull and depressed.

Here at Burke’s Garden, we buried several of our good friends and members of our farm family.

Because of the length of time it took to get the bodies back from Wisconsin, the wake lasted almost a week which seemed to drag on the grieving.

John and I had to keep our heads on straight. This is our role in crisis. We had a brief moment of anguish, moved to understanding the task at hand, and proceeded to get the job done in a quasi state of shock.

The Amish have a reputation for coming together as a community to support in a time of crisis. Their response to this event was flooded with prayer, song, food, and friends.

But, it wasn’t until the English came together to tell stories of the lost beloveds, cry, and sing in our own language that I was finally able to let go of a few layers and do some deep sobbing.

I was entranced by the shovel brigade’s hypnotic covering of the coffins.

I imagine the process will take years to completely integrate.

This week, however, as I reflect on the common denominator in the separate services for James McCoy (our driver) and the Amish Funeral for Orla Schrok and Family, it was the message “rejoice as our loved ones return home to our Creator“ that resounded.

It feels like a comet struck the center and our community was eclipsed by the moon.

And, as we approach Easter and begin to celebrate the return of the Son (and the Sun), I’m beginning to pull out of the nose dive and feel some bits of gratitude.

The grass is growing in green and lush.

The days are getting warmer and longer.

2-year old Micah, the only wreck survivor, returned to his family.

Our community has received and felt more love than ever.

All of us will rise from the ashes anew with even more of an open heart and commitment to our faith and visions.

Our time on this earthly world is short.

May every action we take be a step closer to a more compassionate and healthy planet, the way our Creator designed it.

I’m not back to my typical glass half-full mindset just yet.

I’ve been a bit short-tempered, angry and confused.

I apologize to anyone I might have offended with my “who gives a bleep” attitude when asked when will we have our Beef Cubes back in stock.

Thank you all for your condolences, support, and blessings. I passed them all on to John and Verna and the families of James McCoy and Orla Schrok.

Our friends will ALL be sorely missed.

We have started a fund to support 2-year Micah Schrok as he embarks a journey without his mother, father, and sister to join him. You can email me for instructions if you would like to contribute.

Some of our plans here on the farm will be slowed down as we regroup, without Orla and James, and figure out our next steps forward.

Thank you for your unwavering faith in Our Creator who makes no mistakes and promises everlasting life.

Phoenix and the Simply Grassfed Farm Families

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