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Spring is Here!

posted on

April 12, 2024


As the weather sways back and forth from Spring back to Winter and back to Spring again, we are beginning to feel life preparing to POP!!

Daffodils Bloom. Tree buds express. Grass is beginning to grow. Baby animals are being born.

On the farm, it’s time to wrap up all final winter fence and water system repair projects, test out the equipment and get ready for the next 6 months of rotational grazing and hay making.

Alvin’s Jersey’s are looking healthy and we’re ready for milk production to rise for making more of our Alpine Heritage Raw Organic A2 Grass Fed Cheeses which ya’ll have been eating as fast as we can make it!

John’s new farm assistant Wilbur is turning out to be a God-send. After another surgery, our other farm manager, Sam, is back in the saddle.

John and Verna’s new baby boy, Jeremiah, is growing strong. And, a few more guardian herd puppies joined us and are in training.

Thank you all for your condolences after our tragic loss last month. We are beginning to return to as normal as it can get after such heartbreak.

We are resilient and will keep on keeping on producing healthy pasture raised meats and cheeses for our community with the confidence that the beautiful spirits who left us are at home with God and in our hearts.

Connecting Food and Health,
The Simply Grassfed Families

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Hay Season Begins! We dusted off all of the equipment, sharpened the blades, and harnessed up the horses. This week we cut, raked, and baled our first test run of haylage. The grass is ready and we are too. Last year we produced about 1000 bales from June to August. We are hoping to produce 1500 this year.

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Here at Burke’s Garden Farm we raise some the healthiest sheep, and thus, lamb meats in the USA. Sheep thrive on 100% pasture grasses and hay. Sheep also consume plants, such as noxious weeds, that most other animals will not touch. This means that sheep are an integral component of an all grass-fed rotational grazing ecosystem along with other livestock.

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