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Simply Grassfed Roast Guide

posted on

January 18, 2024


This is certainly the season for some slow-cookin’, belly-warmin’, rich and tasty grass-fed fat and protein feasts that your family can dip into for days to keep nourished on these blustery days. 

Do you scratch your head which it comes to deciding which roast would be most appropriate? 

Have you stuck to the same familiar roast - reluctant to adventured into an unknown, mystery cut?

If so, we put together our Roast Guide to help put your mind at ease as to which cuts will best suit your family’s needs and pallets. 

While our Roast Guide includes all of our Pasture-Raised Beef and Pork Roasts, don’t forget that you can also make rich, warm, nourishing stews and broths with our Pork Ribs, bone-in contact us if you still have questions.

We want to support you in becoming a highly intelligent shopper, so you can best support your family’s health and well-being.

Phoenix and the Simply Grassfed Families

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