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1/8 Beef

1/8 Beef

Corn & Soy Free

Fill your freezer and save by buying in bulk.

Have lots of cuts on hand to make meal planning or meals on the fly easier. All from 100% grass fed cows.

Our 1/8 beef bundle includes:

  • 7-9 LB Steaks
  • x5-7 2-3 LB Beef Roasts, Brisket, and Short Ribs
  • 1-2 LB Beef Organ Meats
  • 2-3 LB Osso Buco Style Soup Bones
  • 1-2 LB Beef Cubes
  • 16-28 LB Ground Beef and Patties in 1 LB packages

*All cuts come frozen and individually sealed. Requires 3 cubic feet of freezer space.