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Pastured Chicken

Pasture Raised No Hormones or Antibiotics GMO Free


Our chickens are pasture raised in mobile coops. They are moved daily to get access to fresh green pasture, with plenty of bugs and seeds to forage for.

Pastured chickens are the happiest and healthiest and produce the most nourishing foods.

All of our chicken is free of antibiotics and GMOs.

We have two options for chicken. They are raised the same way but are different breeds and are fed different diets.  


These birds are the heritage Freedom Ranger breed. It has an earthier flavor and darker meat. They are fed a soy-free feed, which consists of GMO-free and chemical-free corn, fishmeal, small grains, and minerals.


These birds are a more traditional Cornish Cross breed. It has a milder flavor and whiter meat. Their feed contains GMO-free and chemical-free corn, soybeans, fishmeal, small grains, and minerals.