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Chickens and turkeys are socialable creatures. They absolutely love finding small delectable morsels of food known only to them as delicacies.

Other animals would not be interested in the morsels they find, but when they find them, hens and roosters seem to have a built-in involuntary signal that they send out that brings the rest of the flock running to see what it is. Chickens held in movement confining cages never have the pleasure of doing such things, but the chickens and turkeys of Grass-fed Grub certainly do. There’s no doubt about it, what we eat has ethical implications. One of the main implications is the way that we treat the animals in our care. Do we make sure that they have a good life? Do we make sure that they are properly fed and watered? Are we doing everything we can to make sure they are staying healthy so that they are not in need of chemically induced health corrections? No added hormones, no antibiotics, no Round-Up Ready genetically modified grains, and plenty of room to roam and play, these are the environments in which the chickens and turkeys of Grass-fed Grub are kept. It’s important.