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One-Eighth Cow Particulars

Ground/Patties/Cube BeefSteaksOsso Bucco / Short RibsBeef SticksProcessed Meats and Broth
ItemsApprox WeightQtyNotes
Cubed Beef1lb1
Ground Beef18lbs181lb Packages
Patties5lbs20Pre-formed 1/4 lb patties
ItemsApprox WeightQtyNotes
Chipped Steak3 lbs31lb Packages
Delmonico 1.79 lbs3
Filet Mignon.75 lbs2
Flat Iron .47 lbs1
NY Strip1.53 lbs3
Sirloin Steak1.7 lbs2
ItemsApprox WeightQty
Osso Bucco/Short Ribs1.5 lbs2
ItemsApprox WeightQtyNotes
Hot4 oz14 links per pack
Mild4 oz14 links per pack
Sweet 4 oz14 links per pack
ItemsApprox WeightQtyNotes
Sweet Bologna2 lb21 lb packages
Hot Dogs2 lbs21 lb packages
Beef Stock2 Qts21 pt containers