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Farmstead Cheeses

Do you know the difference between cheese made the traditional European way, with raw milk, and cheese made with pasteurized milk?

The making of cheese began thousands of years ago. Like so many things surrounding the real foods we have come to enjoy, like bacons and hams for example, making cheese began from a need to preserve fresh milk in a form that could be kept without refrigeration and eaten later. As time went by, cheese makers learned ways to vary the tastes of finished cheeses. Certain regions of the world have become known for certain types of cheese, like gouda from Holland, gruyere from Switzerland, Emmental from the Emmental region, to name a few.

The cheeses of Grass-fed Grub are made in the European tradition, with raw organic milk. Interestingly, hard cheeses made in this way contain enzymes and microbes that interact with each other to cleanse them of any potentially harmful bacteria, as they age. Food safety experts agree that hard cheeses aged for 60 days or more, made with raw milk, are safe to eat. Raw milk cheeses tend to have more personality, a more robust flavor, than cheeses made with pasteurized milk. The cheeses of Grass-fed Grub are made with A2 Jersey milk from cows only ever fed grass, no corn, no soy, no antibiotics, no added hormones, no grains from genetically modified Round-Up Ready crops. This is important.

Raw milk cheeses maintain, to a greater extent, the good characteristics of milk as it comes from the cow. These include myriads of the naturally present microbes in raw milk which aid in human digestion. The cheese makers of Grass-fed Grub are artists making artisanal cheeses, harkening back to their forefathers and mothers in the old country. They start with the best A2 organic milk from their high milkfat producing 100% grass-fed Jersey breed of cows. Then they add ingredients only they are familiar with that work the magic they need to make the great tasting cheeses you love, and then they place it in the proper places to age it to perfection so that like all the other foods from Grass-fed Grub, taste and nutrition jostle for first place in importance, a position they must needs share.